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          The company won a number of honors LEARN MORE
          View our company videos .LEARN MORE
          With extremely convenient logistics, extensive marketing network and professional technical support, comprehensive after-sales service,
          Most self-developed items are offered exclusively to our clients to secure them in market without direct competition.management. LEARN MORE
          Look at our company's environment. LEARN MORE

          Guangdong New Era Composite Material Co., Ltd.

          Formerly Chaoan New Era Industrial Co., Ltd., is an enterprise that specializes in research, development, and sales of pre-coating film and other composite materials. It is one of the first domestic companies that applied pre-coating film production lines and utilized the independent innovations

          LEARN MORE

          Guangdong New Era Composite Material Co., Ltd. is one of the top manufacturers for thermal lamination film in the world. We have been engaged in the business of plastic films for Printing & Packaging industry since 1980. In 2001, the company named Chaoan New Era Industrial CO., Ltd. was formally established. We introduced advanced technology and 5 units of automatic production machineries, and started our own production of new types of thermal lamination film that is environmental friendly. In March 2016, the company conducted shareholding reform and has changed to GUANGDONG NEW ERA COMPOSITE MATERIAL CO., LTD.


          We have the new plant with an area of 10,000 square meters, a plant construction area of 23,000 square maters. We have developed our four management principles, including ‘quality and efficiency, innovation and development’. Based on these management principles, we have constantly improved the internal management, and have passed the Chinese Environmental Labeling certificate (Ⅱ type), ISO9001-2008,ISO14001-2004, the national packaging product quality supervision and inspection, SGS, and the test of 2008 American consumer goods specified test parts.


          We have a number of intellectual property rights. Through independent research and development, we have formed a complete set of research and development system and production system. We continue to innovate and develop products to be more energy saving and multi-functional.


          We have successfully applied a scientific and technological achievements appraisal as ‘ new BOPP pre-coating film preparation method research and application ’. Furthermore, Chaoan District Technology Bureau and Chaozhou Technology Bureau have also granted us the 2015 Science and Technology Progress Prize.


          We are now the member of Printing and Duplicating Industry Association Council in Guangdong Province.


          As the first domestic pre-coating film production companies, New Era Composite Co., Ltd. has been serving the high-end domestic market and foreign markets as well. We continue to maintain good long-term cooperation with well-known brands all over the world because the market recognizes all our products’ quality, performance, price and services.


          With strict management and first-class quality, we will provide best services for all customers.

          • SALES NETWORK
          • FAQ
          • DOWNLOAD

          Alliance Skytech Limited. OP is a comprehensive Service Corporation specializing in IPO and supply chain management for multinational companies. The main business for the customer's procurement plan, to provide customers with product selection, process control, logistics and distribution, and a series of professional services. Alliance Top first proposed the concept of supply chain alliance, that is, Alliance Top to sell our strong supply chain library rather than a specific class of products. Alliance Top with the mainland's manufacturing industry, as well as many years of international business experience, to the principle of good faith, and common development as the goal, and many well-known international buyers to establish a long-term cooperative relations, and has become a major multinational group of designated procurement agent. Alliance Top in Europe and America, the Middle East, South America has a stable customer base and improve the sales channels, and many of the international distributors, retailers, equipment manufacturers have good business cooperation relationship.

          HONG KONG

          Wealth Trend Group Ltd.
          Flat A1,Tung nam Factory Building,
          No.40 Ma Tau Kok Road, To Kwa Wan,
          Kowloon, Hong Kong

          Morgan Power International Ltd.
          Unlt3-4.2/F,Block B,Chung Mei Centre,
          15 Hing Yip Street,Kwun Tong,Hong Kong



          Guanzhou Jintongda Automation System Co., Ltd.



          comming soon


          SUNTOSHI Copany Limited
          900/31 SV City Building Room F-13, Rama3 Rd.,
          Bangpongpang., Yannawa., Bangkok., 10120


          CS Marketing Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd
          1-1 Jalan Tanjung SD 13/2 Bandar
          Sri Damansara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


          Inspired Gear Pte Ltd
          Mr. Zak Tan
          Business Development Manager
          13 North Bridge Road #01-3972 Singapore 190013
          E-mail: Zak@inspiredgear.sg
          Tel: (65) 6298 1424
          Fax: (65) 6298 2529


          Sooda Inc.
          Add: 7F., No.28, Alley 1, Lane 56, Sec 1, Changan E. Road, Taipei City, Taiwan
          Tel: (02) 8647 - 1177 #801
          Fax: (02) 8647 - 1177

          Du Bai

          Kash Uttam
          Managing Director

          Shukralla General Trading Co. LLCPO Box 51636, Dubai, UAE
          Tel: +9714 3547 890
          Fax: +9714 3965 756


          Distribusjonshuset AS.
          Tungaveien 38,7047 Trondheim Norway
          Jan Erik Hjelmeland
          E-mail: jeh@eplehuset.no
          Telefon: +47 7320 2406 

          COMING SOON


          • CONTACT US
          Top Alliance Skytech Limited.
          Add :Unit B, 32/F.,Tower B, NEO Lvgem Square, 
                      6009 ShenNan Avenue,Futian Dist., ShenZhen, 
                      China 518048
          Tel:(+86) 0755-82839095
          Fax:(+86) 0755-82839094
          Qual Website:http://www.qual.hk
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